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European air traffic up 2.1% in July

European air traffic up 2.1% in July




ATP-  Arab tourism portal- The average daily traffic in Europe in July exceeded 31,000 flights a day for the first time in five years, according to the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, Eurocontrol.

This represents a 2.1% increase over the same month last year, and is in line with the baseline forecast.The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) recorded its busiest day so far this year on July 9, handling 1,931 flights in Irish airspace and at the main state airports (Dublin, Cork and Shannon).

Total flights in Irish airspace increased 3.7% in July compared to the same month last year, averaging 1,775 daily flights during the month.Air traffic at Dublin exceeded the pre-downturn record of July 2008, with an average of 604 daily commercial movements (a total of 18,732 compared to 18,416 in 2008).

In Hungary, meanwhile, air navigation services provider HungaroControl reported handling 100,856 aircraft in July, beating “all previously measured records.”Of these, 74,558 were flights transiting Hungarian airspace, setting a new record and up almost 11% up on July 2014.

 July also saw the Budapest center handle the highest number of arrivals and departures since November 2011, and on July 26, Hungarian controllers handled a record 3,644 flights in one day.

HungaroControl acknowledged, however, that “the cause behind this traffic increase goes beyond the seasonal effects” and was “primarily the result of the restructuring of the aviation routes due to the Ukrainian events in 2014, as well as the remote services provided in the upper airspace over Kosovo.”




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